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Creative Works

A comprehensive collection of imaginal artifices of a wide variety conceived and manifested upon the corporeal plane by cartoon artist Tim Bradshaw. Here you will find most all of my noteworthy creative works, be they illustration, comic, or animation.

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Kiki Banana Treasure Huntress

Major Works

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A collection of my larger, more ambitious creative projects, the ones into which I've poured the most of my blood, sweat, and tears in order to manifest. These include longer-form animation, multi-page series of comics, and any video game project, among other higher-effort works.

Stone Punks

In the neolithic world of Pangaia, a rag-tag group consisting of a young student of Atlantian science, a muscle-bound simpleton, and a socially awkward bleeding-heart shaman-to-be teams up with a mysterious spunky huntress who claims she can help them on their quest; to track down and find the fabled Garden of the Goddess.

Comic - Action/Adventure Comedy -

24 Pages

2013 Legacy Version


Minor Works

A collection of smaller, somewhat lower-effort works, including illustrations, very short-form animation, loose comic strips, and other miscellaneous things that aren't necessarily part of a larger whole.

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Cartoony Gallery

A gallery of goofy cartoon shenanigans! Anything rendered in a wacky cartoony style goes here, regardless of medium.

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Style-Matching Gallery

Illustrations where I draw one thing in the style of another thing, like characters from EarthBound in the style of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker or Jojo's Bizarre Adventure for example. Lots of weird and wacky mixing and matching going on in this gallery!

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ReAnimated Collab Contributions

ReAnimated Collaborations are when a group of animators join forces to animate scenes from a cartoon, movie, TV show, etc. in their own style... and these are the ones I've contributed to.

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-- Mediums --


Behold strange and marvelous things as I collaborate with image-generating A.I. systems such as Craiyon, Stable Diffusion, and Dall-E to bring to life the imagery from alien imaginations, or allow alien imaginations to interpret my artwork in its own weird way.

A.I. Collaborations

-- Mediums --

Illustration, Animation, Comics, Music

For those of you who just want to browse by medium (illustration, animation, comic, etc.), then here's the original Gallery section from the previous version of the website, preserved for your convenience.

Classic Gallery

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