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Tim Bradshaw, The Bradshacalypse
What is the Bradshacalypse

The Bradshacalypse serves as a practical, intellectual, inspirational, and philosophical resource for fellow Creatives who find themselves appalled at the disgusting postmodernist direction that popular culture is currently taking, and a refuge for Not-So-Creatives who just want a fun place to get away from said garbage. It also serves as a gallery for the works of philosopher cartoonist Tim Bradshaw, who endeavors to reflect the creative philosophies he espouses as a living example of their efficacy.

- Let me ask you something -

Do you find yourself dismayed at the current state of popular culture at the moment?

Do you feel more like you're being preached at or talked down to rather than entertained when you watch a movie or TV show, or read a comic or a novel, or play a video game?

Do you feel like something's missing from it all? Like the modern art and stories you experience fail to scratch that human itch in your soul, so to speak?

Do you have a nagging suspicion in the back of your mind that Art and Storytelling can be so much more than what it currently seems to be? More than mere escapism or ideological propaganda?


And, if you're a creative person yourself, do you desire to make art or tell stories with more humanity, more spirit, more purpose?

If any of the above describes you, even if but a little bit, then praise be, for you have been drawn to the right place!

Your suspicions and concerns about the frankly dismal state of modern popular culture and all that passes as "art" and "storytelling" contained therein are by no means unfounded.


And you are not alone in that sentiment. 

I, too, have had this suspicion for a long time now, and the more time goes on, the more I find my suspicions confirmed.

Indeed, it would seem that our culture, nay, the entirety of Western civilization, teeters on the brink of collapse.

What can be done about it?

I propose we start becoming that which we wish to see in the world. I propose we step into our shamanic roles as Artists and Storytellers and bring about spiritual healing through this Great Work of ours. I propose we build something living and new in place of the decadent, rotting corpse of a culture we find ourselves immersed in.

- A "Weapon" in the Culture Wars of the 2020's -

The Bradshacalypse is my attempt at just that - a creative tool, a magician's wand, a shamanic mojo bag, a spearhead for a new way of thinking about Creativity, the Imagination, and the transformative power that Art and Storytelling have over one's Consciousness. This is my contribution to the cause of freeing our culture from such noxious ideologies as postmodernism, nihilism, cynicism, egotism, solipsism, hedonism, you name it - all adversarial to the Human Spirit and, dare I say, even the Will of Creation itself.

A lofty goal, yes, but one worthwhile nonetheless.

Such is the Why of The Bradshacalypse, but now you're probably wondering about the How.

To bring about any sort of change in the world, one must go to the Cause, rather than the Effect. You will inevitably find that if you follow the chain of Cause and Effect (at least in the human domain), you will find the origin point in the realm of Thought.

The First Hermetic Principle - Mentalism: All that exists stems from Mind.

Thoughts are the origin of all Effects; the primordial Cause, if you will. Thought gives rise to like Feeling, which fuels like Action. I'm sure you can already tell where I'm going with this.

By changing your Thoughts, you change your Mind, and from there, the Effects of said Thoughts change likewise.

To put this in context, the reason why popular culture is going down the tubes (the Effect), is due to how those that create it think (the Cause), and it would seem that a large sum of those creators of pop culture think wrongly about it:

Some think of Art and Storytelling as simple escapism, which does nothing to address the Cause for this desire to escape in the first place, thus perpetuating the problem rather than solving it.

Others think of Art and Storytelling as just another means of making money, which sells short the sheer power of their transformative, healing effects they can have upon us when properly used to their fullest mythopoeic potential. 

Still others think of Art and Storytelling as tools to push their own political, social, religious, or ideological agendas upon others; a deviously manipulative tactic for mass brainwashing, and an abuse of the mind-changing power art and stories have over us. This thinking is perhaps the most pervasive at the moment, and no doubt the most dangerous.

Now, more than ever, it is abundantly clear to me that many a filmmaker, animator, illustrator, novelist, sequential artist, video game developer, etc. utilize what talents and skills they may have to push certain agendas, particularly those of a politically leftist nature such as those espoused in Marxism.


Most of these folks are postmodernists as well, an ideology predicated on the complete denial of meaning and purpose all together in favor of a solipsistic rejection of any kind of objective Truth; where opinions can be facts, too.

These are who many have dubbed "the Woke".

While, sure, there are others that profess different kinds of ideologies, such as those of a certain fundamentalist religious variety or a more right-leaning political slant (and trust me, they're just as bad), you would be hard-pressed to find their work nearly as prolific as those of the Marxist postmodernist social vengeance warrior, at least at this point in time. This is primarily due to the political left's stranglehold on the zeitgeist, allowing them to censor whomever they deem as unworthy to have any freedom of speech or expression.

The sad thing about all of this is that many of these people probably have good intentions, they just mistake ideologies (that may or may not occasionally make a fair point here or there), for actual Virtue and Philosophy, which are predicated on Truth; objective, quantifiable, observable, undeniable Truth; and not on the opinions of spiteful, ungrateful idiots who think they are owed the world for merely existing. 

Let's be honest; most "art" and "storytelling" in today's age is pure, unbridled propaganda, blatant as can be. No one likes being talked down to, or preached at, from someone on their high horse who believes they're better than everyone because they blindly follow the trendy ideology of the day (no doubt cranked out by the Tavistock Institute or some other Think Tank group, but that's just my opinion). Nobody likes this kind of crap, and it's starting to show. Notice the rapid decline in ticket sales for movies, or people leaving streaming services in droves due to ... questionable programming, or the fact that a single Japanese manga series outsold the entirety of the Western comics industry.

As they say, "get woke, go broke".

We are currently witnessing a cultural mass-extinction event, and it is glorious. As the current industries of popular culture continue to implode, it's going to leave in its wake a philosophical vacuum of sorts. People are going to be starving for the soul nourishment that only a good work of art or a good story can provide. What better time to reintroduce a new way of thinking about Art, Storytelling, and Creativity is there than right NOW?

- Knowledge, the Changer of Minds -

You can consider The Bradshacalypse to be something of a Changer of Minds by means of offering a new way to think about Art and Creativity; a new philosophy to replace the tired old postmodernist way of thinking that has gotten us nowhere in a hurry.

But what is this new way of thinking?

Surprise! It's not actually new. It's quite ancient, in fact. I draw upon the occult, the esoteric, the arcane, to formulate my philosophies. The more I look into ancient traditions such as Kabbalah, Tarot, Free Masonry, Hermeticism, Alchemy, etc., the more I conclude that these guys knew what's up.

If the mere mention of anything remotely "woo-woo" like that makes you squeamish, rest assured in knowing I am by no means a proponent of New Age thinking; far from it, actually. I'm not some weirdo crystal-gazer who believes the Earth is flat or anything like that, rest assured. I look at these traditions  symbolically, allegorically, not literally.


These old traditions have been severely misunderstood. For example, it pains me to think that most people still believe that Alchemy was merely some quaint proto-science that had people trying to literally turn lead into gold.


Sorry, but that's simply not the case.


While that might have gone on to some extent, that's not the totality of what Alchemy actually is. Alchemy is the pursuit of spiritual transmutation; turning the "lead" of ignorance into the "gold" of understanding and wisdom. Read the works of C. G. Jung for more on that fascinating subject.


And Alchemy isn't the only one of these traditions that's grossly misunderstood.

People still think Tarot is just some deck of cards used for fortune telling, when actually it's a full-on book that can be read innumerable ways, chock full of archetypal imagery that reveals a sophisticated understanding of both the inner world of psyche and the outer world of the Universe.

People still think Free Masonry is just some old boys' club (at best) or a world-controlling secret society (at worst), when really it's an entire body of arcane knowledge passed down through an (admittedly imperfect) lodge system that reveals a vast understanding of human Consciousness and its ascent from baseness to a higher level, and bringing into balance the dynamics of both hemispheres of the brain (Intellect and Creativity).

People still think Kabbalah is just some mystical offshoot of Judaism, when it's really a kind of spiritual map of the Universe as a series of emanations from a single source; an idea that's picking up traction in the fields of quantum mechanics and digital physics. When combined with Tarot, it becomes a full discourse on the nature of Truth, and the consequences of both its acceptance and its rejection.

See what I mean? Did you know any of that? Odds are you probably didn't. That's what I want to change.

Through The Bradshacalypse, I seek to de-occult this occult knowledge, to reveal this information to a modern audience where it has been almost entirely forgotten.

This task is even embedded in the etymology of "Bradshacalypse", as it's a blend of my last name, Bradshaw, and "Apocalypse", which actually means "to lift the veil" or "to reveal". That's exactly what I intend to do - to reveal this hidden knowledge to you. Specifically, in relation to Art and Creativity, as those are my fields of expertise, what with being an artist and whatnot.

I do also intent to reveal this hidden knowledge in a more general sense through my other website DeOcculted.Info, if you're interested in watching a cartoonist try to solve the mysteries of Existence.

So, with all of that said, The Bradshacalypse seeks to provide you with a fresh, new way of thinking about how and why you Create, whether you Create deliberately as an Artist or Storyteller, or Create internal imagery in your head as an Audience member. Yes, the Audience is just as much a Creator as the Artist or Storyteller; it's a two-way process. After all, a work of art is just a series of imagery, sounds, words, or what have you until someone observes it, puts it all together in one's mind, and interprets it in a meaningful way. Very similar to the quantum observer effect... hmm... Do you think God's an Artist, and we are his Audience?, anyway.

This creative philosophy guides my own art and stories as well... yes, even some of my more outlandish goofy stuff. I'll tell you more in the next section, the most important section - the section about ME! ...kidding, of course.

Who Is

Visual Artist - Cartoonist - Storyteller - Thinker - Philosopher - Esotericist - Anarchist - De-Occultist - Humorist - Trickster - Individuated Unit of Consciousness

...among other things, of course.

- Visual Artist - Cartoonist -

I am an individuated unit of Consciousness incarnated into the physical realm as a member of the Earth species homo sapiens sapiens living somewhere in the southeastern quadrant of the North American continent.

Okay, I'll quit being facetious... for now.

Well, I reckon you can consider me an artist, as I like to create things, particularly cartoon art, which is why I would also consider myself a cartoonist. However, cartoonist tends to make people think Sunday funnies comic strips, which doesn't exactly describe the art I make; not in its entirety, anyway. I think it's more accurate to say I'm a cartoon artist, which means I create art that evokes a sense of cartooniness, if not just straight-up cartoons. But I'm fine with the label of "cartoonist" regardless.

While cartoon art is my primary interest when it comes to artistic expression, I do like to dabble in other forms of art also, particularly graphic design. Although, just about everything I make has a certain cartoony twinge to it.

Visual Artist - Cartoonist

- Storyteller -

I don't just create still images for their own sake, though. Sometimes I make still images in a sequence, either in space (comics) or in time (animation), in attempt to tell a story. Storytelling is in and of itself an art form, and it's one I find a deep interest in. It's fascinating to me that, with the mere stroke of a pen or brush, one can conjure whole worlds in the minds of others, populated with a myriad of people, things, and ideas that may have no parallel in their own world. Such is the power of the human Imagination, and I love it!


What a captivating communicative endeavor it is to summon whatever imagery you desire in an other's mind, all at the behest of a pen, or brush, or pencil, or stylus, or keyboard. There's power in that - power to change minds for the better, power to pry open people's closed perceptual apparati to allow them to see something new. 


Oh, if only it were being used responsibly... well, at least I will use it as such. Maybe you will, too?


- Thinker - Philosopher -

But not only am I an artist and storyteller, but I'm a thinker as well, something of a philosopher you could say. You might not realize it by my silly cartoons, but I do indeed like to think about stuff... a lot. If you want proof, read the first part of this web page (if you haven't already, that is). If you just got scared at the big wall of text and skipped to the next part, at least skim it. You'll get an idea of the kinds of stuff I think about.

I don't just like to think, but like to think deep. I don't do that frivolous crap most people only ever do in the shower for some reason. I like to think the stuff that compels most people run screaming into the night in existential dread. In antiquity, it's been called philosophy.

Who are we?

What is this place in which we find ourselves?

Where did we come from?

Where are we going?

What's the point of all this?

Is there something greater than us?

Are there more out there than just us?

How can we live in harmony with those around us?

How can we improve our lives for the better?

You know, those kinds of thoughts. Important thoughts that are actually worth thinking.

Thinker - Philosopher

- Esotericist - De-Occultist -

This interest in philosophical thinking inevitably lead me into the realms of the esoteric, the occult, the arcane, the mystical, which is why I consider myself an esotericist. As stated in the previous section, I've found quite a lot of value in these ancient traditions after learning about their symbolic meaning rather than their surface, literal interpretation. Many of these values and ideas I've gleaned from these traditions do seem to provide at least a few clues in regards to some of my own philosophical questions, and I strongly believe they could, if communicated effectively, change things for the better.


However, much of this old knowledge is hidden in one form or anther; be it wrapped in deliberately obscurantist language or disallowed access to altogether. This is what I mean when I say I'm a de-occultist, as I wish to reveal this hidden knowledge to the world and make it known by as many as possible (hence all the "apocalyptic" imagery here on the site). One of the best ways to get this information across people's thick skulls into their subconscious mind is via creative works such as art and storytelling - allegory, symbolism, parable.


As a Creative, I feel like that's one of my best avenues of communicating these values to others. Many people may reject these esoteric ideas up front due to ingrained belief systems or deep-seated fears. However, one can bypass their conscious minds by taking "suspension of disbelief" to the next level, distracting them with pretty words, sounds, or images, allowing these ideas through to where it counts - the Unconscious.

Esotericist - De-Occultist

- Trickster -

As one who resonates well with the Trickster archetype, this mischievous means of getting a point across appeals to me greatly.


There are some who prefer to hammer these values and ideas into the bullheaded noggins of the masses with brute force (metaphorically speaking). While I think that's certainly a way to go about it, however it takes a certain amount of intellectual fortitude and wherewithal to do successfully; that which I, unfortunately, lack at this point in time.

Where there is a seemingly impenetrable wall, some see it best to plow through it, and others see it best to find a way around it. I would be one of those others.

This is why I employ art and story in this weaselly way; to find a means around the wall of ego and belief to deliver ideas directly to the unconscious. 


- Humorist -

Another side-effect of being a Trickster is having a penchant for the silly, the ridiculous, the goofy, the off-the-wall, the weird, the humorous, the baffling, the ludicrous, the laughable, the farcical, the clownish, the comical.


This is why I consider myself a humorist of sorts. I choose "humorist" over something like "comedian" because that word invokes the image of a performer on a stage telling jokes, which, like cartoonist, doesn't quite describe me. I don't perform my funny, rather I embed it in my art and stories (some of them, anyway... okay, most). That seems to fit the description of a humorist more than it does a comedian, from what I can tell anyway.

As far as my sense of humor goes, it leans towards the goofball and the absurd. Screwy might be a good descriptor. Some things that make me laugh most are the likes of Tex Avery cartoons, those spoof movies from the 80's like Airplane and Top Secret, and certain gags from the cartoons I grew up with in the late 90's to early 2000's (particularly Ed, Edd, n' Eddy and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy). It can also dip into the surreal. I'm also not above utilizing dark humor as well, though I tend to save that for mocking things I find particularly unsavory. 

While humor is very subjective and thus what I make may not always register as funny, I always strive to at least be fun. You many not always laugh out loud at the silly antics in some of my stories, but maybe you find yourself having fun all the same.

I tend to think that Good Humor and Joy are as much Virtues as Truthfulness, Loyalty, Justice, Faith, Gratitude, or Love, but is overlooked as such by most people. Without at least some joy in our lives, how do we expect to accomplish anything? What's the point of Life if we can't enjoy it? So, even in my being a big goof, I see as an extension of my higher ethical aspirations of adding a little Joy to the world, in my own weird little way.


- Anarchist -

So, with nary a clever segue into it, let me explain what I mean when I say I'm an anarchist. Anarchy is a woefully misunderstood term, much like "occult", which merely means "hidden". The term anarchy is derived from the Latin "a, an", meaning the negation of, and "archon", meaning ruler or master. Therefore, anarchy, despite the dread visions of angsty teenagers waging war against all that is orderly and harmonious in the world that this word tends to evoke, actually means "without rulers or masters". In actuality, it is a philosophy of Freedom.

Keep in mind, that this does NOT mean "without rules" or, God forbid, "chaos", as so many erroneously imply with their incorrect usage of the word. Rules are fine. In fact, they are necessary to the cohesion of any given system. Rulers, on the other hand, are an abhorrent perversion of this concept. Fallible human beings, no matter the beneficence of their intentions, are NOT proper substitutes for universal, inherent, non-man-made, immutable laws of behavior that govern our Universe.


Just as Gravity and Thermodynamics have no master to arbitrate and enforce their dictates, neither do the laws of Morality. Yes, I'm saying that Morality is just as much a Natural, Universal Law as Gravity and Thermodynamics. That's because Consciousness (you, me, and all other beings) is a phenomenon of Nature, and NOT a mere epi-phenomenon of brain activity. Therefore, would it not make sense for this phenomenon to have a set of rules, just as all other phenomena?

This is my understanding, anyway.

And to be clear, this is NOT a political stance, or ideology to propagate. It is a philosophy, a way of living based on objective observations of our Universe. The Bradshacalypse isn't really the best platform to go into this too deeply. If you're interested, though, you can go to the Researchers page on my other website DeOcculted.Info to find others who have done great work in uncovering the mysteries of Consciousness and its relation to the philosophy of Freedom.

The reason why I bring this up is because I wish to express my desire for FREEDOM! Without Freedom, Consciousness, the decision-making dynamic of Nature, withers and dies. In the world as it stands at the moment, the importance of Freedom seems to be falling away in favor of a mass desire for "safety"...which is an absurd concept when you consider we all could be wiped out at any time in the blink of an eye with a single asteroid impact or gamma burst, utterly powerless to stop it or protect ourselves from it.


This is not good, dangerous in fact, and needs to be addressed.

Safety is a straight-up myth, a bold-faced lie that is used as a proverbial carrot on a stick for the powers-that-should-not-be to use as a means to convince the people to give up more and more of their freedoms so they can gain more and more power over us. It's disgusting how many people fall for it... Ah, but that's a topic for another time, on another platform...

In other words, I wish for you and me and everyone else to be free to do as we please, so long as what we do is in alignment with the Will of Creation and does not violate the Natural Laws that govern Morality. Let not the perverse wills of those that wish to own us get in our way! LET FREEDOM RING!!


Anyway, that's enough about me. If you want to follow me on other parts of the Internet, look no further than the buttons below.

YouTube Channel

Where you can find my video works, such as animation, music, video essays, vlog-type stuff, and whatever else is appropriate for the medium of video (that isn't so subversive as to trigger YouTube's totalitarian ban-hammer, that is...)


Where you can find anything from updates to random philosophical musings about art, creativity, and God knows what else.

Tumblr Page

A mostly redundant social media account where I occasionally uploaded art and longer musings that wouldn't fit in a tweet.

Not active at the moment.


Another slightly less redundant social media account where I upload artwork, music, and (eventually) animation. Kept almost purely for nostalgic reasons.

Art Station Portfolio

Where you can find some of my higher quality artwork - Illustration, Sequential Art, Animation, etc. Profile

Where you can find my little indie game projects, some comics, and game assets for sale. 

Currently awaiting content.

The place fo me

If you couldn't easily deduce that from a detailed description of the website and its author, then here's a list of descriptors that, if they describe you, then you can bet that The Bradshacalypse is a place you'll feel right at home at: 

- Are you... -

  • Tired of being incessantly propagandized to by the works of modern popular culture, whether you even agree with some of it or not?

  • Having trouble finding a pleasant place to escape from the madness of post-modernity?

  • Looking for a place to better improve yourself as an Artist or Storyteller?

  • Interested in the ancient esoteric traditions of old as a potential alternative to the solipsistic, defeatist drivel of postmodernism?

  • Skeptical of all the mainstream modes of thought, particularly (but certainly not limited to) as they pertain to Art and Creativity?

  • An advocate for the Freedoms of Expression, regardless of any political, religious, or ideological beliefs you may hold?

  • A decent human being who values Ethics and Morality above all else?

- Do you... -

  • Feel like popular culture is decadent and vapid, void of all meaning and lacking in purpose?

  • Feel like all venues of Creativity are currently being misused, abused, and underutilized?

  • Miss good old fashioned storytelling that seeks to simply tell a good story without being tainted with any ideological slant?

  • Just want to create and share works of art or tell stories without the fear of having your work scrutinized because it's not "woke" enough? (Spoiler alert: it'll never be "woke" enough. Ever. Don't even bother.)

  • Seek to improve your Creative skills on a deeper level not commonly touched upon by the typical Internet tutorial?

  • Have any interest in the occult, esoteric, arcane, mystical, and /or magical, particularly as it pertains to Creativity?

  • Feel like Creativity has the power to change minds, inspire ideas, evoke emotions, and otherwise affect Consciousness for the better?

  • Have an insatiable appetite for knowledge, no matter how much it challenges your beliefs and preconceived notions?

  • Want to join a community that has the same suspicions of popular culture and desire to improve Creativity as you do?

  • Just wanna have fun?

If any of the above describes you to any capacity, then you can guarantee that you'll find some value here on The Bradshacalypse. Feel free to visit anytime you want, and I hope you find something useful or fun here!

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