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A broad array of others' works that have aided in formulating the grand thesis of The Bradshacalypse (best explained in the esoteric about page and this blog post), roughly arranged in such a way as to facilitate a progressive understanding of each topic for optimal understanding. This list will be updated over time to include more and more information.

What Actually is the Occult?

De-Mystifying the Occult Series: ABSOLUTE REQUIRED VIEWING for truly understanding exactly what I mean when I talk about esotericism and the occult (hidden knowledge), because whatever your opinion on these topics may be are almost guaranteed to be dead wrong. Before you criticize my intellectual work regarding the subject, you must watch this entire series beforehand, otherwise your criticism will not be taken seriously. 

And for those of you who wish to see how this occulted knowledge can be misused, how it's being used against you, and why it is pivotal that everyone have access to this knoweldge...

The Scientific Evidence of a Greater Reality

Tom Campbell's My Big TOE (Theory of Everything), Comprehensive Presentation: Hands down the best explanation of existence itself I have ever come across. Consciousness, the physical universe, the non-physical, the speed of light, relativity, quantum mechanics, out of body experience, parapsychology, dreams, reincarnation, spirituality, all brought together and explained under this massive Theory of Everything by one concept - that Reality is digital, comprised entirely of Information

This is the absolute bedrock foundation of all my thinking, even those pertaining to Creativity and Imagination. To understand my work to its fullest, one must first understand this Theory of Everything. To anyone who feels there's some underlying structure to what I espouse but can't properly identify it, this is for you, this is it.

Supplementary Material

Since this series of topics may be somewhat difficult to fully grasp for some, here's some supplementary material from a variety of different perspectives that may help in your further understanding and integrating of this big Theory of Everything.

Tom Campbell speaks with Bruce Lipton, a biologist who came to very similar conclusions regarding the primacy of Consciousness in his study of cellular biology.

Theoretical physicist S. James Gates Jr. of the University of Maryland has discovered what appears to be error-correction code embedded in the equations of Superstring Theory, which seems to suggest that our physical matter universe is a mathematical construct of some kind, further validating Campbell's notion of a digital, information-based reality.

Author of The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot provides further details relating to a digital model of physics through proposing the idea of the universe being holographic in nature, meaning it's fractal, self-similar across all scales, which provides  some explanation for many oddities such as synchronicity and the paranormal.

Occult Principles 101

Now that you know what "occult" actually means, and have a scientific overview of a larger reality that goes far beyond the mere physical, here are some resources for a more nuanced understanding of these old esoteric principles describing this larger reality.

The Kybalion (1908) by Three Initiates: A comprehensive discourse on the Seven Hermetic Principles: Mentalism (all that is stems from Mind), Correspondence (as above, so below), Vibration (nothing rests), Polarity (everything has its pair of opposites), Rhythm (everything ebbs and flows back and forth), Cause and Effect (everything happens according to Law), and Gender (everything has its masculine and feminine aspects).

Imagination and Creativity

The magical wellspring from which all Ideas are born, the hat out of which the Magician pulls his rabbit - the Imagination - when paired with understanding of the Natural Laws, leads to our greatest faculty, that aspect of us that makes us lower-resolution fractal images of God Himself - Creativity.

Terrence McKenna - Opening the Doors of Creativity: Philosopher, Ethnobotanist, and Psychonaut, Terrence McKenna, gives a talk about his insights into the process of Creativity from his experiences with psychedelic compounds, namely psilocybin and DMT.

Other talks by Terrence McKenna on the topic of Creativity.

Art as Magic, and the Artist as the Modern Shaman

Two legendary comics writers both arrive at the conclusion that Art / Storytelling and what we've colloquially referred to as "Magic" are inextricably linked, if not exactly the same thing - powerful tools for Consciousness change.

Alan Moore

The Mindscape of Alan Moore: A documentary about the career of comics writer and occultist Alan Moore, and a very detailed discourse on his concept of Art as Magic and Magic as Art. Quite possibly the catalyst for the primary thesis of this site.

Some supplementary material to listen to, if you're interested.

Grant Morrison

Comics Writer and Occultist, proponent of a DIY utilitarian style of magic systems and use of fictional works as "hyper-sigils" for the changing of Consciousness.


Understanding the communicative, linguistic component of Art and Storytelling, that which communicates directly to the unconscious mind, is absolutely vital to the full utilization of the mind-changing power of the Arts.

Man and His Symbols, edited by Carl G. Jung: A great introduction to the concept of symbolism headed by the renowned psychologist Carl Jung, who took Freud's concept of a personal unconscious mind to the next level with his concept of the Collective Unconscious, which plays into why symbols are so powerful.

For those of you with Traditional Religious Sensibilities

Kabbalah, Occultism, Freemasonry, and Jordan Peterson - Stop Being Silly: A symbol-literate Orthodox Christian's rational take on occult and pagan symbolism; a must-watch for religious folk who find such topics distasteful or anathema.

More on the subject of symbolism from an Orthodox Christian perspective, again to clarify what is meant by the term "symbolism" to those of a religious proclivity, because it's likely not what you would first think.

The Horrors of Postmodernism

If you want to see what happens to Art and Storytelling when the culture in which it's embedded has decayed and atrophied to the point of being on the verge of death, when objective Beauty standards are thrown the hell out the window in favor for solipsistic, ego-gratifying pretentiousness... look no further than the horror show of satanic inversion that is Postmodernism.

Jonathan Pageau on Postmodernism

The Metaphysics of Clown World: A video discourse on the postmodernist inversion of our world and the Trickster's role in turning it back right-side-up again.

Zombies, Postmodernism and Art: A talk about postmodernism and art in relation to popular culture, particularly the rise of the popularity of "monsters" such as zombies, and its symbolic significance and implications.

A Guide to Turning Postmodernism Against Itself: A look at the deconstructionist ideology of postmodernist thinkers (particularly Jacques Derrida) and suggestions as to how to turn their upside-down world right-side-up again.

Paul Joseph Watson on Postmodernism

Whatever your opinion may be of the man, Paul Joseph Watson is spot on in his disgust with "modern art", and does an excellent job illustrating awful examples of the postmodern garbage that plagues the modern art scene and popular culture in general, and exposing the ugly ideological motives behind it all. 

Book List

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