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What is this "Project DeOcculted"?

To put it bluntly, Project DeOcculted is my attempt at a Grand Unified Field Theory of Everything; to amass and aggregate an eclectic array of information, most of which is hidden from us by the powers that should not be (hence the name "De-Occulted", as in, to reveal that which is hidden), all in order to put together a great big tapestry of knowledge that aims to reveal what our True Purpose is in this Reality, how to achieve it, and, most importantly, what the hell's stopping us from achieving it.

The more I look into things, the more I come to the conclusion that everything we think we know is dead freakin' wrong. We've been given a heaping helping of straight-up lies from institutions that absolutely do NOT have our best interests at heart, and, in fact, might just all be colluding in the shadows for one, vile purpose: to keep us in the dark while they hoard all the knowledge to wield over us, the profane "unbegun" masses.

NO MORE, I say!

So I've created this website called, which is where this body of once-hidden knowledge will be housed. (Currently it's pretty bare bones, as I've just started working on it, but that will change in due time)

I feel morally obligated to do this kind of thing. I see it as a dharmic duty of mine, as someone who has over time absorbed so much information that so, sooo many people need but don't have. It would be wrong of me to hoard such vital information from those that need it (whether they know they need it or not).

Of course, this is by no means a simple task. In fact, you might could call it a "Great Work" of sorts. So this will be an ongoing endeavor, one that is never really finished, as I continue to learn and grow myself.

How is this Project differentiated from "The Bradshacalypse"?

Where The Bradshacalypse is more a repository for my own personal works (artwork, stories, etc.), Project DeOcculted is, like I mentioned previously, a repository of once-hidden knowledge; purely an educational endeavor.

The Bradshacalypse will be focused primarily on Creativity; not only used as a gallery for my own creative output, but also as a medium of expressing my own musings on the creative process and sharing those with whoever is willing to listen. Again, moral obligation; I have this knowledge of how to create, I should share it. That's the right thing to do.

Project DeOcculted will be focused purely on teaching occulted knowledge in a way that can be easily absorbed, and initiate the uninitiated into a deep understanding of themselves and the world they inhabit.

If you see these two enterprises as one brain, you could say that the Bradshacalypse is the right hemisphere (creativity, feeling, receptivity, holistic "big picture" thinking), whereas Project DeOcculted is the left hemisphere (intellectual, linear problem-solving thinking). Of course, that's not to say there will be no overlap. After all, how can one truly be educated if only a single hemisphere of their brain is engaged?

Initially, I did want the Bradshacalypse to incorporate a lot of what I'll be doing with Project DeOcculted, but I eventually chose to (mostly) separate them. Reason being is, well, some if this occulted knowledge can get rather... unpleasant, to put it lightly, which would clash hard with the general fun atmosphere I'd like to bolster here. This stuff is very serious, as it pertains to the nightmarish hellhole we've collectively put ourselves in, and it needs to be taken seriously... and the Bradshacalypse is certainly NOT the place for that kind of discussion and discourse.

Okay, so what is the basic premise of Project DeOcculted?

There will be a few ways this occulted information will be broken down. The first of which is what I'm calling "Mystery School", which will serve as an introductory course in what the flying f**k is going on in the world. It'll be further broken down into three basic categories, each based on a fundamental question. These categories include:

1. What is Our Purpose?

This incorporates topics involving the nature of Reality itself, such as:

  • Existence as a series of virtual reality simulations (physical-matter universes) within which Consciousness (you, me, and all other life) inhabits.

  • The nature of Consciousness, and it's role in Existence.

  • Syntropy vs. Entropy, and the purpose of Consciousness as Syntropy-aggregators.

2. How do we achieve said Purpose?

This incorporates topics involving the nature of ourselves and our relation to the Universe we find ourselves in, such as:

  • Understanding human psychology deeply, so that we can truly know ourselves.

  • Understanding Natural Law, the rule-set of our physical matter universe set in place to optimize Syntropy-aggregation.

3. What's stopping us from achieving said Purpose?

This incorporates topics involving the nature of the Adversary, that force of entropic Consciousness that blocks our own growth, such as:

  • An in-depth look into the current institutions of control, namely Religion, Money, and Government, and their Dark Occult origins.

  • Understanding Dark Occult traditions such as Satanism, Dark Luciferianism, Cult of the Black Sun, etc. and their ideological constituents, such as Social Darwinism, Solipsism, Post-Modernism, Eugenics, etc.

  • The possible origins of the Dark Occult in psychopathy, and its possible origins in the genetic tampering done upon our species by extraterrestrial beings described in ancient mythological traditions all over the world (yes, really).

Believe it or not, all these seemingly disparate topics do all converge, and are pieces to a giant puzzle of understanding that most people don't even know that they don't know.

The other part of this body of knowledge will be broken down into a wiki-like database of all kinds of topics that may be perused at whatever pace one deems comfortable. These topics include:

  • Esoteric / Light Occult traditions

    • Kabbalah

    • Tarot

    • Free Masonry

    • Shamanism

    • Gnosticism

    • Hermeticism

    • Alchemy

    • Kundalini / Chakra system

    • Gematria

    • Thelema

    • Esoteric Christianity 

    • Green Language

    • Etc.

  • Dark Occult traditions

    • Satanism

    • Dark Luciferianism

    • Cult of the Black Sun

    • The "Old Religion"

    • Qlippotic Kabbalism

    • Etc.

  • Philosophies and Sciences

    • Anarchy / Voluntarism

    • Natural Law / Karma / Consequentialism 

    • Digital Physics

    • Jungian Depth Psychology

    • The Trivium and Quadrivium 

    • Etc.

  • The Truth about ...

    • Health and Nutrition

    • Spirituality

    • History

    • Psychology

    • Human Origins

    • Parapsychology

    • Conspiracy "Theories"

  • And many, many, maaaaaany more


This will serve as a supplement to the Mystery School, where certain terms that one might not be too familiar with can be easily referred to. If Mystery School is the class, this database is the textbook.

And finally, like any good textbook, this database will also have a sources section, where I organize every source of information I can primarily as one big database of researchers and their works. That way, I can prove to the skeptic that I'm not just making all of this stuff up, that I do indeed have sources.


As you can no doubt see, this body of knowledge includes some pretty controversial material. If you're of any religious, political, or otherwise ideological persuasion, you might find some of this stuff difficult to take in, confusing, unpleasant, or possibly even offensive.


That is fine.


However, understand that I do not present this information to offend. The Truth is abrasive by nature, and when one encounters it clinging to lies and untruths, their dissolution might be painful to one. Consider this project a kind of crucible, to burn away intellectual and spiritual impurities so that all that's left is a pure Understanding of Truth.

Anyway, I hope you check it out, and more importantly, I hope you learn something from it.

...Dude, what's with all this crazy kooky conspiracy theory bullshit? 

I know I'm going to get this knee-jerk reaction from a lot of misinformed people, and this is all I have to say about it:

"Condemnation without Investigation is the height of Ignorance" - Albert Einstein (maybe)

Answer me this: how many hundreds of hours have you spent studying any of these topics? From how many different, disparate angles have you approached them? Oh, wait, you're just assuming these topics aren't even worth the time of day to investigate? And yet you think you know more than I do? Yeah, okay, sure you do.

To those of you who think this way, I have this to tell you: open your mind, just a little bit at least. Stop taking in information from a limited amount of sources, especially if it's "mainstream" sources. Listen to everybody, but don't just blindly believe anybody, and yes that includes the academic priest class who claims to have all the answers. Trust me, they don't. Consider all possibilities, but don't accept any as absolute gospel Truth until you've looked at it from every conceivable angle and have weeded out discrepancies to the best of your ability. And even then, be willing to be wrong.

This unwillingness to accept the fact that one may be wrong about something is a blight upon the pursuit of knowledge. Nobody wants to look a fool, so most people will avidly avoid anything that may allow for that perception by others, even if it's the Truth. Most people would rather be seen as intelligent but be wrong than be seen as an idiot but be right. I'm not one of those people.

I am perfectly willing to look at any topic, no matter how taboo or "out there", from any angle in my fervent pursuit of the Truth. I don't give a rat's hindquarters how crazy people think I may be for even considering such possibilities as there being an elite cabal of satanic psychopaths with incomprehensible wealth and power who wish to control even more, or that extraterrestrial entities might have had some influence on the evolution of our species. From what I've gathered over the years, there's a little too much evidence to support a lot of that, and not enough to refute it.


But, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the world really is just a chaotic and random mess with no rhyme or reason to anything that happens therein, over which we are powerless to have any affect, so there's no use in trying. Boy, wouldn't that be nice?

I could go on and on and on and on with this, but for brevity's sake I'll sum it up here. What I'm trying to get at here is that it is okay to be wrong. The pursuit of knowledge is trial and error: we observe the world around us, speculate and hypothesize about those observations until we find repeatable patterns, and those patterns we accept as Truth until new knowledge from new observations are gleaned, and the cycle continues. Let's not allow the buffoonish court of public opinion close ourselves off to what we can plainly see as true. Let not the opinions of ill-informed idiots dictate what we accept as Truth.

Let us think for ourselves.

"A true initiation never ends." - Robert Anton Wilson

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