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A.I. Interpretation GALLERY

The future is here, image-generating artificial intelligence is now an actual, real thing that exists. There's no going back now, the genie's out of the bottle, so love it or hate it, may as well embrace this burgeoning new technology. Let's see it as a ground-floor opportunity, and find creative uses for it. 

With this gallery, I would like to illustrate some of those potential uses an artist might have with image-generating A.I., such as using it to bounce design ideas off of and getting back novel interpretations to then properly flesh out.

Caution: Artistic nudity inbound. Don't worry, nothing too graphic or distasteful or anything, but if that bothers you anyway, here's your chance to leave.


Character Design PROMPTS

Here's where I take a vague character design of mine, run the description of it through the A.I. as a text prompt, and take whatever it outputs that seems interesting and polish it up a bit. I try to stay as true to the A.I.'s "design" as is reasonably possible, only clean up the weird, nonsensical stuff or add elements that would make the design make more sense or more aesthetically pleasing.  

Most of these are just fairly quick sketches with a splash of color, they're meant to illustrate a concept rather than be finished pieces. The original A.I. image is included in the corner of each image for reference and comparison.

"Kemician Angel"

Prompt:// egyptian-angel-girl, cherub, black-hair, white-and-green-wings, golden-halo, silk-clothing, emerald-jewelry, celestial, eye-of-horus-motif //:

This particular utilization of AI has mostly become obsolete now due to its output becoming more and more high-resolution and accurate to its prompts, there's no real need to "interpret" anything. You still could take an AI's output and rework it into a usable character design, or get novel interpretations of your characters by describing them via your prompts.

More Prompts to come

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