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The Study Portal

Welcome to the Study Portal!

Here you will find all the intellectual output of Tim Bradshaw, proof that he is, indeed a thinker. This also includes external resources that have influenced his own thinking. 

For those of you who desire to change your thinking about Creativity in order to improve yourself, I humbly offer you this library of knowledge. Welcome to the Study!


Long-form written works on a variety of topics, usually more heady and philosophical in nature. They are designed to break down particularly complex subjects for proper intellectual integration.

Bradshacalypse Background
External Resources

A large collection of any and every bit of information and knowledge that has influenced my own way of thinking, be it philosophical, inspirational, intellectual, or practical. By delving into this eclectic body of knowledge, you will begin to understand how I've come to the conclusions I express in my own intellectual works.

... And for those of you that wish to take your understanding of the esoteric further beyond the realms of Art, Storytelling, and Creativity in general, to further understand your Self and the World around you, I present to you...

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