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About Bradshacalypse STUDIO

Get to know what this weird little cartoon art production studio is all about right here.

What is Bradshacalypse Studio? 

Bradshacalypse Studio is a one-man cartoon media creation, production, and online distribution enterprise headed by cartoon artist and esoteric thinker Tim Bradshaw for the purpose of creating a wide variety of fun, entertaining works of art and storytelling that imbue a cartoon aesthetic the likes of which hasn't been seen since the early to mid 20th Century.

Who's the man behind this one-man studio? 

Tim Bradshaw is really just your average cartoon artist and enthusiast with an equal fascination with all things esoteric, arcane, occult, mystical, and magical who hails somewhere from the southeastern quadrant of the United States.


This art studio enterprise is something of a bizarre synthesis of these two sets of interests, and it is my sincere hope that it produces something truly unique and valuable to any and all.

What Purpose does this Studio serve?

Bradshacalypse Studio has quite a few aims it seeks to achieve, they being:

  • To create fun works of Cartoon Art - First and foremost, Bradshacalypse Studio is here to just make fun stuff for folks who like cartoon art, plain and simple. Be it illustration, comics, animation, perhaps even some simple video games, this studio's here to make 'em happen.

  • To keep the art of Cartooning alive - Unfortunately, it would seem to me that this wonderful art form is gradually devolving into a bland, cheap technique to produce mere "simplified drawings", and the life and magic that makes cartooning so unique and fun is being lost. I intend to keep it alive by looking back to its origins, studying from its masters, and to further improve upon it and reintroduce it to the world.

  • To push the limits of what Cartooning can do - While I look to the past to rediscover the principles that made the art of cartooning so special, I also endeavor to look to the future as well to project just how far this art form can be evolved. Using the advanced media production technology of today, I want to find ways to really push this art form to its very limits, and share that knowledge with fellow cartoon artists.

  • To participate in this new wave of independent media creators - As you may have noticed, there seems to be a new zeitgeist emerging in regards to culture creation. No longer do the huge super-corporations have as much sway in our modern culture as they once did, and more and more are smaller indies taking over that role. I personally think this is ultimately a good thing, and would thus like to take part in it myself. In fact, I foresee this as a pivotal point in history heralding something of a cultural renaissance if taken advantage of... and I have every intention of taking advantage of it!

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