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Here you can peruse my various creative projects, both what I've completed and what I'm in the progress of completing.


Click the banner below to see what I'm currently working on at the moment. Updated in real time as I complete milestones.

Completed PROJECTS

An archive of all the various creative projects that have undergone the formality of actually occurring.


Stone Punks Legacy 2013

Stone Punks, Episode 1

In the neolithic world of Pangaia, a rag-tag group consisting of a young student of Atlantian science, a muscle-bound simpleton, and a socially awkward bleeding-heart shaman teams up with a mysterious spunky huntress who claims she can help them on their quest; to track down and find the fabled Garden of the Goddess.

2013 Legacy Version



A list of Creative Projects that have no real end and may be steadily updated over time.

Style-Matching Gallery

Style-Matching Gallery 

Illustrations where I draw one thing in the style of another thing, like characters from EarthBound in the style of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker or Jojo's Bizarre Adventure for example. Lots of weird and wacky mixing and matching going on here!

A.I. Interpretation Gallery

A.I. Interpretation Gallery 

Behold strange and marvelous things as I, a human artist, collaborate with image-generating A.I. systems such as Craiyon, Stable Diffusion, and Dall-E to help bring to life the oft incomprehensible imagery from alien imaginations.

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