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Bradshacalypse Logo

What is "The Bradshacalypse"?

The Bradshacalypse serves as the internet base for cartoon artist and esoteric thinker Tim Bradshaw, the place where he uploads the bulk of his creative works. You could think of it as a portfolio of sorts, or perhaps a gallery or series of galleries showcasing that which forcefully oozes forth from his imagination... ostensibly for your amusement.

Along with his creative works he also likes to share the output of his intellect, particularly as it pertains to art, storytelling, and creativity, flavored with his penchant for the esoteric, the arcane, the occult, the fringe, and the weird... ostensibly for your education.

Whether you're interested in fringe takes on art and creativity or just itching to be entertained with some wacked-out cartoony madness, you are welcome to stay a while and have a look around!

Who is responsible for this madness?

Tim Bradshaw is, as previously stated, a cartoon artist and esoteric thinker, from the southeastern quadrant of the North American continent (perhaps the only one there?).


He lives to make make people laugh with his cartoony creations and absurdist sense of humor, as well as make people think with his unabashed skeptical attitude towards any and all status quo modalities of thought and an intense curiosity about the truth of our strange and marvelous reality.

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