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How would YOU like a cartoon artist draw almost ANYTHING you want?

Have some original characters you'd like to see rendered in a wacky cartoon style? Maybe you have some idea for a cool illustration that no AI could possibly realize? Or perhaps you're curious what your favorite characters would look like in an entirely different art style?

Well, whatever the case, I'm pleased to announce that Bradshacalypse Studio is now available to help you realize your vision with open Art Commissions!


If you're interested in commissioning some art, fill out the form below and I'll get right with you via email!

Do familiarize yourself with the Guidelines first, though, to avoid potential rejections.

Your Art Commission Request
Select Pricing Tier
Preferred Payment Method

Your Art Commission Request has been sent! I'll get up with you as soon as possible. Thank you!



Naturally, I can't draw literally anything for you. There have to be a few boundaries set before I agree to draw something for you, as there are certain things I either absolutely WILL NOT draw, or things I'd very much rather not draw. Here they are:


These are lines I WILL NOT cross on the grounds of being immoral, unethical, illegal, in exceptionally poor taste, and/or would damage my reputation, and are thus non-negotiable: 

  • Nothing hateful or defamatory, particularly for aspects of one's being that one cannot help (race, sex, ethnicity, nationality, etc.) or for actions and behaviors one has not provably committed.

  • Nothing that promotes or glorifies harming others or oneself in any way for any reason other than strict self-defense (terrorism, warmongering, suicide, etc.)

  • Nothing that depicts children (or fictional characters physically identical to children) in a sexual context, such as suggestive interactions with other characters, suggestive clothing and posing, innuendo, etc. 

  • Nothing graphically pornographic or sexually fetishistic, including overt depictions of sex acts, detailed genitalia, or sexual perversions like bestiality, incest, etc.

  • Nothing graphically violent, including gore or torture.

  • Nothing that proselytizes or propagandizes any religious, political, or otherwise ideological views.


These are lines I'd RATHER NOT cross, not because they're inherently immoral or illegal, but because of my own preference against them. They're not necessarily deal-breakers, but if a request leans too heavily into any of these, expect me to avoid or de-emphasize them: 

  • No weird fetish stuff, sexual or otherwise (such as inflation, transformation, vore, feet, etc.)... this isn't deviantART, after all.

  • Nothing needlessly nihilistic, pessimistic, or otherwise hopeless. Melancholia, tragedy, grief, and other sad stuff is fine, but nothing that revels or wallows in it.

  • Nothing mean-spirited, "punching down", or otherwise has any kind of "bullying" emphasis.

  • Nothing needlessly scatological, low-brow, or crass to the point where it is uncomfortable or gross.

  • Nothing that glorifies or revels in needless, tasteless violence. Scenes of battles, fights, war, etc. are fine, just so long as the violence isn't too extreme, or is the sole point of the commissioned work.

  • Nothing that requires an absurd amount of detail or realism, as neither of those are my forte. I'm a cartoon artist first and foremost, meaning I deal in a limited economy of more simplified and stylized details than in an abundance of realistic details. It's not that I can't do realism with lots of detail work, it just takes me far longer than you'd probably be willing to wait on.

This list will no doubt grow over time as future submissions make me think of things I haven't up until this point.

The NO PROBLEM Category

These are lines I have NO PROBLEM crossing, provided they don't cross the above mentioned lines: 

  • Nudity is fine, male or female, provided genitalia is obscured or simplified, or otherwise doesn't cross the line into graphic pornography.

  • Violence is fine (especially cartoon violence), provided it doesn't cross the line into graphic gratuitous violence.

  • Light Parody and Satire is fine (even that which pokes fun at my own personal beliefs), provided it doesn't go over the line into promoting one view over another to a proselytizing or propagandistic degree.

Remember, these guidelines are just that - guide lines. I retain the right to decline your request on any grounds I deem necessary, in case it doesn't easily fall under the purview of the guidelines above. If your request is declined, I will absolutely let you know in detail why I declined it, and will welcome more requests from you now armed with that information. Repeat rejections, though... you'll just be blocked and ignored. Sorry.


Questions & ANSWERS

Any questions you may have I can answer for you here:

If you have more specific questions not answered here, feel free to shoot me an email at

What is an Art Commission, exactly? 

Basically, it's a request from you to me (Tim, head of Bradshacalypse Studio, to clarify) to draw whatever it is you want me to, within reason. For a modest fee, I'll draw whatever you ask me to while commissions are open, which they won't always be. 

How much do Art Commissions cost?  

Prices range based on how complex the request is. Simple sketches are cheaper, full illustrations are more expensive. I've divided them up into a convenient tier list for you to choose from. They are: 

Colored Sketch - $10

A loose, sketchy drawing with a simple splash of color

Full-Color Pin-Up - $20

A fully outlined, colored, and shaded high-resolution pin-up drawing of up to three characters with a simple decorative backdrop

Full Illustration - $50

A fully fleshed-out scene of your choice, complete with multiple subjects and detailed backgrounds

Special Request - $??

For specific needs, such as a social media avatar or page banner, logo, video backdrop, etc. Priced on a negotiable case-by-case basis.

As for payment methods, I take PayPal or Venmo. Details will be included via email. I'll keep sending you low-resolution watermarked previews of the finished work until you're satisfied, then ask for the rest of the payment and I'll send you the full high-res version once I receive it.

How long can I reasonably expect you to fulfill my request? 

That depends on a few variables. 


Firstly, it depends on the nature of your request. Generally, the simpler the subject, the quicker the drawing. More detail usually equals more time, thus a longer wait. However, while commissions are open, I'll be prioritizing them - meaning that as soon as I get a request, I'll be dropping everything I'm currently doing to fulfill it. 

Secondly, it depends on how many requests I get. The fewer requests I have backlogged, the quicker I can get to yours, and vice-versa. They will be fulfilled on a first come first serve basis as well, and I'll try to be as transparent as possible with you as far as where your request falls in that sequence. 

Luckily for you, though, is that I work very quickly. Drawing comes as second nature to me, obviously, and that combined with a healthy work ethic makes for a pretty speedy turn-around, so I wouldn't worry too much about it taking too long to produce.

Any suggestions what should I request? 

You're free to request whatever you like (within reason), but I can give you some suggestions based on my skills and specialties.

As you've seen plastered all over this website no doubt, I am a Cartoon Artist, which means I specialize in, well, cartoons, particularly the more wacky variety. I can draw in virtually any style, though, so don't feel limited to a cartoony style, but that's what I'm best at.

You can have fun with mixing and matching disparate subjects and styles, such as... 

"Ness and Paula from EarthBound in the style of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure"


"Shovel Knight in the style of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker"


Check out this Illustration Gallery for more ideas and to get a feel for what I can do. 

Regardless of what you request, it would do you good to be as specific as possible in your description. The more specific you are, the more likely I'll get your request right on the first try, saving you and me a lot of time (which I value far more than money, so you know).


By omitting details, you're consenting to me filling in those details with my own, which you may or may not approve of. So, unless you just want to take a chance with a random draw when it comes to the nitty gritty of your request, I implore you,


Who owns the rights to the commissioned work? 

You do.

Anything I make that you pay for is yours to do with as you so desire, as you own all the rights. In fact, I'll be the one asking you for permission to use the work here as an example to help advertise this art commission endeavor, which you're free to decline if you so choose. It's your property, after all.

However, there is one caveat - the commissioned work is yours after you pay, not before. Before you pay, I retain the rights to the full high-resolution version of the work (NOT the contents of the work, such as any copyrighted or original characters, etc., to be clear), and if you decide to cancel the commission after it's finished (or just don't pay after an unreasonable amount of time), I'll keep the work as my own and use it for my own means.

If you happen to use the work in a public space (such as in an online video, social media banner or avatar, merchandise, etc.), credit is always appreciated, but you certainly don't have to give any if you don't want to. Again, once you pay for it, the work is all yours, no credit required.

How long will commissions be open? 

That I don't know for sure, but I can tell you they won't be open forever. 

As of now, Art Commissions currently serve as a kind of fundraising endeavor while I get Bradshacalypse Studio off the ground financially. Once that's been accomplished, I'll no doubt have other projects in the works that'll require the bulk of my attention, which means less and less time to fulfill commission requests.


This is why they can't be open in perpetuity. However, it'll likely be a while before I'll have to close them, so don't worry about them closing anytime soon.

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