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Sequential Art, a series of images and words strung together in a deliberate sequence on a page or series of pages to tell a story or convey an idea.

From Newest to Oldest:

"The Ballad of Sir Dufius" circa 2015 - 2 Pages -

Here's the actual music that goes along with the lyrics ----->

Ballad of Sir Dufius
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Works beyond this point I consider outdated or "legacy" and not necessarily reflective of my current skills as an artist. However, I include them anyway for the purpose of comparison, to show you how much I've improved over the years, as well as amusement. Feel free to point and laugh where applicable.

"Stone Punks, Episode 1: Meet the Huntress" [outdated legacy version], circa 2013  - 25 Pages -

My first ever completed story; doesn't reflect my current skill, nor is any of it canon to any future iteration of the story, but it may still be entertaining regardless. Click the cover page below to go read the whole first episode.

Stone Punks Legacy Comic

"Sir Dufius and the Thing from the Nether-Fae" [unfinished] circa 2012 - 5 Pages -

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