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Welcome to The Bradshacalypse!

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Welcome, one and all, to The Bradshacalypse, Internet repository for the creative and intellectual output of one Tim Bradshaw, the self-proclaimed cartoonist philosopher.

Here in this initiatory first post I will explain in detail who I am, what I'm all about, what this place is, and why you might wanna visit periodically.


A Little About Myself, for Context

This is my Fiction Suit (an older variant to be exact). You'll no doubt see it quite a bit here.
This is my Fiction Suit (an older variant to be exact). You'll no doubt see it quite a bit here.

I'm just this guy on the Internet who likes to draw silly cartoons, and sometimes even attempt to make actual art or tell a story. I like to think about things, too. Deeply and well outside the box, in fact, so I guess that makes me some sort of a philosopher or something. At least, that's what I fancy myself as, anyway.

So here on The Bradshacalypse, prepare to see a lot of attempts at artwork as well as musings on my favorite subjects of thought, such as Creativity, Philosophy, Psychology, Esoterica, and all things weird.

My hope for this blog is that what I muse over might actually have some use to you, the ever-cherished viewer. I don't want it to be some mere outlet for talking about myself like some self-obsessed egomaniac or anything, as if anyone actually cares. No, rather I want it to have some actual value to anyone other than myself. My hope is that maybe you will learn something here.

A little more about what I do and why I do it

I see myself primarily as an Artist and Storyteller. I seek to use these creative mediums to explore higher concepts and teach Truth via allegory... at least, with my larger projects that is. I do also have a penchant for the silly and stupid, so you'll see a lot of that from me as well. That's my Trickster nature seeping through. And yes, you can still employ allegory in even the stupidest of stories.

I think Creativity is a grossly underutilized attribute of ourselves, and I see it as wasteful to dabble in it as mere "entertainment". As previously stated, I am an artist of sorts. I particularly enjoy the art of cartooning, so that's my go-to thing when it comes to manifesting my Imagination. But I don't draw frivolously, and I don't take this ability for granted (even when drawing the stupid). I don't see the production of artwork, be it any medium - illustration, animation, comic, even video game, as "mere entertainment". It is, for all intents and purposes, Magic...

...but don't take my word for it...

Sure, works of art and storytelling should, on the absolute basic level, entertain, but let's not let that be the pinnacle of its potential achievement. Art and Story can be so much more. They can inform us of knowledge previously unknown, make visible that which isn't so, inspire us to act, and touch upon the deepest aspects of our very being to transform us for the better (cheesy as that sounds). To think of Art and Story as "mere entertainment" is almost blasphemous in my view. It'd be akin to using something as amazing as telekinesis to trick people into thinking you can juggle, or something.

...Just a little taste of what to expect on this blog as far as musings go. And speaking of...

What topics can one expect to find on "The Blog-shacalypse"?

Topics of discussion on this blog will center primarily around my interests (as to be expected, of course), but will be tailored to have some intrinsic value to others, written in such a way so that you, dear viewer, can glean something from it; something you can take away and apply to yourself in some way.

These topics include:

  • Art, Imagination, and Creativity in general

  • Jungian Depth Psychology as it pertains to Art and Storytelling

  • Analyzing other creative, allegorical works from an esoteric perspective

  • Insights and introspection into my own creative processes in order to reverse-engineer them for other's to use

  • Practical techniques I've come to learn to create what I do, namely illustrations, cartoons, comics, etc.

  • Other miscellaneous things that escape my mind as of the writing of this blog post

Among these discussion topics, I'll also use this blog for more practical things, such as posting anything I've made or done, updates to the site worth noting, or just what I'm up to in general, assuming it's of any interest to anybody.

So anyway, thanks for reading, and I look forward to giving you all some art to look at, stories to read, and ideas to ponder <:P|

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